Program learning and practicing Spanish for foreigners. Spanish and adventure sports for groups of European students.

Pirineo Aventura is a program that combines learning Spanish with adventure sports.

Coexistence is done in Spanish . Every morning there is linguistic practice , including: review of structures, language games, workshops, theater, video, songs, animation… always entertaining, active, varied and adapted to the level of each participant , which occupy 20 h proposals per week and have the support of computer and audiovisual material.

Every evening a nature and adventure sport is practiced. All activities are safe and appropriate to the age of participants . Monitors specialists accompany minors at all times.

The teaching team of  Pirineo aventuira over 25 years experience in organizing activities, and is made ​​up of professors and instructors at the rate of one adult for every 7/8 participants. Each student has a tutor who ensures his/her adaptation, food, medication and/or any other need.


  • Ráfting
  • Equitación
  • Espeleología
  • Quads
  • Tirolina
  • Rocódromo
  • Treking acuático
  • Piragua
  • Tiro con arco
  • Rápel
  • Parque acuático
  • Mountin bike
  • Waterball
  • Gimcana de aventura
  • Talleres
  • Juegos de noche
  • Visitas Culturales

Base Rates


  • 1 WEEK: 350€
  • 2 WEEKS: 650€

Tailored programs.