The hostel

More than two centuries old, the exposed stone building is an architectural gem adapted to today’s comforts.

Located in the heart of Pallars Jussà, just 1 km from the Sant Antoni Reservoir, this complex includes several buildings of traditional construction that have been meticulously adapted to meet modern needs.

With a fusion between authenticity and contemporary comfort, La Solana offers a unique experience in a picturesque setting.

An unparalleled environment

Salàs de Pallars, a charming enclave surrounded by natural beauty in the region of Pallars Jussà, captivates visitors with its idyllic surroundings and vibrant tourism.

The mountainous landscapes, such as the Sant Antoni Reservoir 1 km away, offer opportunities for outdoor activities.

The historical heritage, reflected in its traditional architecture, merges with a diverse tourist offer that includes cultural routes and gastronomic experiences.

Salàs de Pallars invites you to explore its charms, offering a destination where nature and culture intertwine to create an unforgettable tourist experience.

Our services

Activities that can be done during the stay

The more activities contracted, the more favorable the discount.

Water activities

Terrestrial activities

Air activities


Alberg la Solana is also the ideal setting for:

  • Family or group parties and celebrations.
  • Silver weddings, birthdays, tributes, retirements.
  • Company presentations.
  • Children’s birthdays (with attractions).
  • Bachelor parties, weddings. The loudest party before entering the dark side.
  • Exciting activities for friends, rafting, canyoning, paintball, horse trails, ghost trails and for couples
    Bridge jumping (ponting), hang gliding (paragliding), hang gliding, hot air balloon.
  • Stays with horses. You can bring your own horses and leave them on the grounds of the Lodge.
  • Dozens of possible excursions.

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