Green week

In many European countries, the course begins with a few days of living outside the center. The purpose is to show that the interaction in a different environment facilitates the integration of pupils and the deepest knowledge of the group by the educator.

Educators are aware that the operation of the group/class is a factor that affects learning. However, too often left to chance the establishment and development of the group.

In Arcadia / Babel offer tools to help unite the class group and provide it with clear objectives shared by all green week.

Our green weeks are designed for groups / class Primary and Secondary , drawing on the inexhaustible nature frame , constituted as a group and get mature aspects such as integration, security , standards , communication … We have the invaluable contributions of teachers or tutors and cordial, professional and direct relationship with our educators.

The activities are designed to take objectives adapted to the reality of each group, but expectations always offer fun, safety and learning. They are conducted in small groups, taking place in areas of outstanding natural beauty and are controlled by monitors and professional educators.

A green week is a great opportunity to maintain direct contact with nature, discovering oneself and discover others, learn to live together and share responsibility with colleagues while experiencing intense and special moments.

A green week is especially intense. Efforts to unite the group with activities in direct contact with nature alternate. Teachers also participate as members , but often adopt the role of coordinators, always with the support of educators of the organization.

Sample program

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