Spring at Pallars

Although we are no strangers to drought, in Pallars the end of winter has brought us rains that have relieved the stress of nature. The almond trees are already losing their blossom, and the meadows are beginning to acquire that greenery that is synonymous with life. The first nightingale is as baffled as we are, […]

The pool ready since Easter

After hibernation, the pool is ready from Easter, even if the temperatures are not too suitable for swimming. We keep it full all year round to make it a fully sustainable management, and since this spring we have had a new filtration based on solar energy.

Autumn at Pallars, the spectacle of colour

La tardor ens porta, al Pallars, un dels espectacles cromàtics més impressionants de la natura. From the most vibrant green to the driest brown, the landscape is permanently transformed and captivates us. Silence and calm do the rest: you will return home changed. Colorful routes near the ALBERG LA SOLANA: La vall fosca, the valley […]

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